Trinidad Coloniales Cigar , 特立尼达殖民地雪茄

 Trinidad Coloniales Cigar , 特立尼达殖民地雪茄

Trinidad Cigar , 特立尼达雪茄Trinidad Coloniales Cigar , 特立尼达殖民地雪茄

中文名称: 特立尼达殖民地雪茄
英文名称: Trinidad Coloniales
制作工艺: 手工
规格: 24支半围栏木盒 / 5、25支纸盒
型号: Coloniales
产地: 古巴
浓度: 中等
尺寸: 长度:5 1/4″ (132mm)  直径/环径:44 (17.46mm)
口感(参考): 奶油、香草、焦糖、咖啡香


Trinidad Coloniales Review:

Last year we had the chance of tasting the new Trinidad Colonials. This petit Corona is finished with a “perilla”, excelent quality, taste and aroma. Great smoke with subtleness and complexity for real connoseurs. Would benefit of maturing for another two-three months.

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